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Vaccinations, registration, and proving the doubters wrong

It’s 2:54 pm and I’ve had a day. Not in a bad way, but definitely a full day.
I got my varicella vacine this morning at Walgreens and I got in, got the shot and was on my way. But when I got to my car I read the receipt and it said the shot she gave me was mmr not varicella. I frantically googled varicella and mmr to see if they were medically synonymous; they are not. So I just about had a melt down because it took so much for me to actually go there and do that and speak to like five different people. I almost started crying and decided that this was it, I just wasn’t going to go to college. It was clearly fate.
I went back in and signed in again, and patiently waited an hour to get the right receipt because apparently the only issue was the nurse charted it wrong, despite having actually given me the right shot.
I drove directly to health services and turned in my proof of immunization and as I walked back to my car, I logged into my uwg to make sure all of my holds were actually off.

Then I drove to newnan and moseyed around habitat for humanity to see if I found a large desk that trumped the one I was planning on getting at goodwill. None did but they did have some good things, Chris and I will have to come back some time.

Now about that desk.

I must preface by saying that this desk is 60×40 inches give or take half an inch.

Three different people asked me if I could take it home today and each time I said “yeah, given I can take it apart” and two of those people were like “uh it doesn’t come apart?” And I was like “well it has screws (and is clearly a mass manufactures desk that has letter labels on the different parts that almost definitely coordinate with its set of instructions for a person to put it together in their own home)” and I’m still not quite sure if that was a really dumb sounding answer or a condescending answer. And one guy even went so far to tell me “WE can’t take it apart for you, you can try to take it apart, but we can’t.” And “you’re gonna need a truck for this you just have that little bug” And I was just like “yeah ok I got it that was the plan anyway”
So they put it on the ground outside and I took it apart in ten minutes or so, just like I knew I could. And went back in to get someone to help me actually pick it up to put in my car.
Because fuck all of you.


It’s such a victorious feeling to be able to do something people tell you repeatedly you won’t be able to. I mean, this was just a desk, and that was just goodwill, and they are just not used to some lady buying a huge desk and insisting she will be able to take it home in her VW Beetle. But it’s, you know, a metaphor.