Monthly Archives: July 2013

Everything Happens So Much

I got a ticket for driving while my registration was suspended. That was, is, and will continue to be awful. I currently owe the city of Carrollton $1030.50. I think the 50 cents is the most insulting and infuriating part because it’s so unnecessary. You’re already making me pay over a grand for something that wasn’t even dangerous or damaging to property and you have to add cents onto it? Really? 

Plain rude.

I didn’t know my registration was suspended, to be honest. I’m sure I looked like an idiot when the officer told me so. Did I mention I have a court date next month for it? Not in the way where I have to go to court if I don’t pay the fine before a certain date, it’s actually mandatory that I go to court to settle the citation. I’ll probably have a panic attack and just disintegrate in the parking lot. I already cried for like, three days over it. It was pathetic.