Moving on up

Two months into my part-time job and I’m already getting promoted to supervisor.

I feel like kind of an overachieving asshole for getting promoted even though there are four other associates that have all been there at least six months longer than me but then I remember that I still work in retail and nothing I could possibly accomplish in this direction would be considered overachieving

“selling myself slightly less short than if I half-assed it” maybe
or “doing mediocre” probably
or “screwing up but at least you’re doing that well” is pretty accurate
or “pretty ok”

I’ve been rapidly alternating between being proud of myself and telling myself this is the least I could do god if I was doing any less great in this I should be really ashamed.


And the manager mentioned that assistant manager was leaving soon because she’s transferring to another store and I know that the company normally promotes from within so that actually means that there’s a chance that I can become assistant manager and fuck. Maybe I’m arrogant for thinking there’s a chance for me to go from an interview to AM in less than a year but I’m actually worried. This isn’t wishful thinking, promise. I’m hoping I don’t because I know if I do I’ll be stuck. I won’t want to leave or quit. And working in fucking retail was definitely not one of my dreams.


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