Synthetic Salt

If I were to compare music to food [which I am obviously about to do], to me, electronic or synthetic music or beats or noises are like seasoning, they’re like salt: it goes well with many foods, but you probably [definitely] won’t catch me sprinkling salt on my Frosted Flakes [frosted flakes are like folk rock or something] and you definitely [DEFINITELY] won’t ever catch me eating a bowl of just salt.

But maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, because you might, on rare occasions, catch me listening to pure electronic music… kind of how I might lick extra salt off my fingers after I finish my fries… in both cases I would just be consuming a pretty small quantity.

But just like too much salt on your fries will ruin them, too much synth in a song can ruin it.

Both are just my opinions I guess though because people obviously do consume grand amounts of or nothing but synthetic music and some people are probably taking a swig of salt from the container as they read this.  


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