Steer Clear Of Your Heroes: A Sequence of Thoughts That Kind of Go Together

I still think it’s weird to work for someone for some company that you greatly admire as a fan, it seems kind of like shitting where you eat… or shitting in your sleep… or however that phrase goes.

Maybe I’m just stuck in the mindset that you should always secretly hate your job. Probably because all the things I enjoy doing are not things people pay other people to do.

Experienced, low-energy, apathetic, resigned professionals needed to lay in bed and watching an entire season of Law and Order, $15/ hour. Commission-based compensation for food consumption.

And on top of that “shitting where you eat” [thing] I have one of those Never-Meet-Heroes complexes about it not only out of fear they will be incredibly lackluster compared to the shining, angels-singing-cherubs-hovering-around-them way I pictured them, but also, mostly, because I’m afraid I’d say something or make a joke about something and offend them and then, you know, my idol hates me.

Also this

“You know, one of two things happens when you meet your heroes, either they’re assholes, or they’re just like you are. Either way you always lose.”

— Imaginary Heroes (2004)

Basically I’m very anti-meet-my-heroes

I like the mystery that allows me to believe whatever I want about them and allows me to believe they’d chuckle [not cackle or bellow] when I said something funny and we’d both sigh think about how wonderful it is to find someone with the same sense of humor.


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