Internet-ing / Writing: A Revelation In-Progress

The internet is a wonderful and terrible simultaneously. I can spend hours, days on it and never actually accomplish anything yet It’s my portal to the world, I find out everything about the outside world from the internet… mostly because I don’t leave my house. And that is because it’s hot, I don’t want to waste gas because I don’t have money but primarily because I can’t think of anything I want to do, out in the world or at home, and if I’m going to do nothing I can stay at home and do nothing because it’s air conditioned, there aren’t weird people there and I don’t always have to wear pants.

I already live the lifestyle of a writer, I may as well be one.

Maybe that’s the Deep Down Suppressed Desire that I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been suppressing for so long that I couldn’t even remember what it was because I thought I couldn’t do it. And maybe I can’t do it, but maybe I can. I’ll never know unless I try. Maybe I should try my hand writing this fanfiction and go from there. It’s not like I don’t ever make up stories in my head, even if I never write them down. But I dont’ think I want to write fiction, rather, essays… or something.

I don’t know. This is  revelation in-progress


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