Febreeze of Fashion

It’s not even like I have a problem with leopard print itself it’s not like I honestly think it’s ugly, its just that its so overused in the stereotype of what’s allegedly sexy, it’s so cliche, that its a joke.

And i think there are a lot of people who didn’t get that memo so they’re still wearing leopard print non-ironically, thinking it’s sexy.

Things like fedoras and leopard print and skulls are the Febreeze of fashion. people wear them thinking they’re going to change what’s really there, thinking the clothes will make them cool or sexy or alternative~ or whatever, when all it does it overpower your true stench with something cliche and manufactured. You know, fedoras are clean linen, leopard print is spring garden, skulls are ocean breeze.

and even after you’ve emptied that bottle of clean linen all over your pinstriped fedora, paired with your vest and your graphic t shirt, you’re still going to be painfully uncool, only now it’s going to be really obvious that you were trying to cover up what was there before.

Kinda how febreeze doesn’t make your car actually smell fresh, it just makes it smell like you tried to make it smell fresh, but now it just smells like febreeze.

Clothes wont’ make you any better or worse of a person because they’re just accesories to who you already are.

But I’m probably being a snob? Yeah, I’m probably being a snob.


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