Father Figures

He said, “oh, I forgot Lonesome Dove was on!”

He has seen Lonesome Dove at least ten times. I know he has. He also owns it on Bluray. I know. I’ve seen it. He told me when he bought it.

“Yeah because it’s not like you haven’t seen it eighteen times or own it on bluray or anything.” I replied, my voice heavy with sarcasm.

“I do though! I do own it on bluray!” And then he laughed loudly as if it was HILarious that I didn’t know, that the irony of what I said was just too much for him to handle.

Angelo told him that it was sarcasm, but he couldn’t hear anything over the volume of his own laughter. I tried to speak up once too, but he was too far gone already, so I gave up, I just let him have his moment.


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