Why be anything other than yourself?

 A while ago I said that I was perpetually unsure if Lady Gaga was legitimately that weird or if she was faking it and someone responded to me and said something along the lines of “in a world like that why be anything other than yourself.” And I didn’t respond because they were wrong.

I know it was a rhetorical question, but it’s the opposite really. In a world like that, If you want people to notice you, if you want people to be fascinated with you, which you do, if your goal is fame, why wouldn’t you act strange? If who you are is normal, why would you act like yourself. Normal people aren’t fascinating. Normal people blend in. 

People do it all the time. They’re like, look at how weird I am, look at how strange I am, look at how eccentric I am, I’m so different I’m an ARTIST because people are desperate to be special. But there’s nothing different or weird or special about trying to be special. 

I’m not explicitly saying that she is faking it, I was just saying.


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